Are Your Office Systems Working For You?

On a yearly basis getting organized and being more productive top the lists of New Year's Resolutions. It's exciting to imagine your lifetime without paper piles and clutter consuming your office. And yes it certainly would feel great to accomplish your goals each day. Again and again I hear the same complaint. You started off great in that case something happened and the system fell apart. Often people give up at this point calling their systems and themselves failures.

Many people key to getting organized is first and foremost not to quit after the first little mishap. We all get overwhelmed, use a big project, or life circumstance that causes us for getting off track. Rather than give up just start again! This is that easy.

Sometimes the systems that we try don't go a long way for us and it's important to be able to identify what went drastically wrong. Starting over with a system gives you the opportunity to really observe what problem is and to make adjustments as necessary. You may find that you really don't like the actual folders you used to set up your action system. Or it could be your desk isn't set up in a functional way. Look at your burglar alarm with a critical eye rather than just throwing your hands up and declaring it a disaster!

Here are some things to look for when studying your system:

Do I have all the tools I need?
Do I like the applications I am using?
Can I find the documents and files I need as i need them?
Are things I use often readily available as well as accessible?
Can I easily reset the system when needed?
Remember, programs only work when you use them! Very few organizing systems do the job without some effort on the user's part. Set up maintenance exercise routines to be sure that you are keeping up with filing and other similar tasks.

Gary Klungreseth