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Bevan Brady - Ireland
The car is a 1990 cultus gti 4wd its a japanese production model gti-a a very limited run of 300 of these were made with a full time 4wd 60/40 split a g13b engine and cultus gti trim. The cars had an interesting life and has a suzuki sport ecu, group A cams, ported head, 42mm throttle body, fully adjustable suspension, front and rear strut braces, vented disc brakes all round, quick shifter, full suzuki sport manifold, exhaust replacing the cat.
To the best of my knowledge the car was brought to suzuki sport and modified from new. I think this because of receipts and documents attained with the car written mostly in japanese. Although some people are inclined to think the car was a suzuki sport built model to allow for homoligation of the cultus pikes peak hillclimb car in 1991. It is a personnal import and has had 2 previous owners 1 in japan 1 in Ireland where i live.

Sohail Jaberi - Salmiya, Kuwait
Here is Sohail's 1995 Suzuki Swift GTi. He just bought it not too long ago so he only has minimal mods like shift knob. He will be getting the exhaust and intake done very soon. Looks great!

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