I bought this GTI in mid September of '99. I originally had bought a 1989 Suzuki Swift 1.3L GL, I drove that for almost a year dreaming of owning a GTI someday. While testing all of my 80HP(70HP stock) I wrote off the car(rear ended a FORD heh) and bussed everywhere for about 3 months till I found my GTI.
   My very 1st car was a 1986 Mazda 626 LX TURBO! WOW, could that thing ever go! Give my GTI a good run for it's money. I bought my '94 Swift from Suzuki of Ottawa over the phone with my VISA, with out even seeing it! I was determined to own a GTI, it turned out to be a 1994 Swift GT(Last year manufactured in NorthAmerica) which was cool.     My next step was to modify it, little did I know this was impossible. Where I live here in Ottawa it's very hard to find parts, so I went to Speedstyle here in Ottawa and they made a custom intake with a K&N air filter for my car The rest I did myself or came with the car when I bought it.

1994 Suzuki Swift 1.3L GTI (MARK III)
G13B 1.3L 16v DOHC 101HP@6500RPM Engine
  • FULL Custom 2.25" Stainless Exhaust
  • New Centerforce Clutch
  • Air Intake
  • New Aftermarket Axels
  • K&N Monster Kone Air Filter(new)
  • NGK Iruduim Plugs
  • TOKIKO Racing Calipers(front/back)
  • WELLS Performance Cap & Rotor
  • RAVEN Muffler/Tip(new)
  • 14" Suzuki Sport Touring Rims
  • Lower rear Stablizer
  • Goodyear EAGLE HP 195/60/14 (very sticky tires)
  • Lower front Stablizer
  • PIAA Ultra Plasma Blue Headlights
  • MOMO Pedels
  • Complete Fuel System flush
  • MOMO Combat Shift Knob
  • Performance NGK 8mm Racing Wires
  • Reactive CAM Air Filter
  • Turbo Sprint Rear wing
  • Replaced Wheel bearings
  • HIGH OUTPUT Altenator
  • Intrax 1.6" DROP Sport Springs(new)
  • Monroe Sensatrac Shocks/struts all around(new)
  • AutoMeter Phantom Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge(new)
  • AutoMeter Water Temperature Gauge(new)
  • A pillar dual gauge pod (new)
  • Tom's Performance RALLY chip(new)
  • Python 880XP 2 way Pager Alarm System w/remote start(new)
  • Remote Keyless Entry!(new)
  • T6 Billet Aluminum lightened Underdrive Pulley(Rotational Dynamics)
  • High Performance Fuel Filter

  • I bought another G13B Engine and Garrett T25 Turbo that I had shipped to Toronto, Ontario to be worked on.
    here are some pics of it.
    Engine Pic #1 (317kb) Engine Pic #2 (311kb)

    Future Mods:
  • Genie Header
  • High Performance Aluminum Cams
  • Polished front strut tower brace
  • 22mm High performance rear sway bar
  • Fresh coat of paint with 2 coats of clear-coat
  • Custom White Gauges
  • Cross drilled Rotors for all 4 wheel disk brakes
  • 10-20psi Turbo with Intercooler(depends on price)
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Also lotz of engine work (throttle body, cam gears, etc.)

    Acceleration:0-60Km/h - (yet to be found out)
    0-100Km/h - 7.5 Secs (EST.)
    1/4 Mile time - 15.89 @ 89mph, can do faster just have to wait till I hit the track EST-15.5
    Top Speed reached - 202 KM/H
    Horsepower(right now) - 120HP(EST.)

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