Swift GTi is powered by a superbly balanced 1.3 litre, 16 valve,DOHC engine with electronic fuel injection and computer controlled engine management Systems, the Swift GTi delivers an exciting 100bhp. Developed from Suzuki's successful race track experience, the Gti is superb to drive. Road handling is excellent thanks to its fully independent suspension and chassis, while stopping power is impressive too, with all-round dual circuit disc brakes ( ventilated in the front ). Flush fitting windows and smoothly contoured light units all contribute to a superb aerodynamic factor of just 0,32 Cd, while the elegant bumpers with integral fog lamps and deep front air dam, the side skirts and rear spoiler, not only look the part, but also help increase the Gti's aerodynamics. The Suzuki Swift Gti'.. dynamic and different. :)

This is a picture the 1.3L engine, it's so cute =) Click on this image to enlarge a closer look at the G13B engine and it's components Here is the Offical Spec sheet for 89-91 Swifts, Click to enlarge
This is the offical Spec sheet for 92-94 Swifts, Click to enlarge


Engine:1.3L 1298cc(79.2.cu in) 16valve DOHC
100HP @ 6500RPM
83 lb-ft of tourque @ 5000 RPM
EMPFI (Electronic Multipoint Fuel Injection)
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Redline 6800RPM (depends on model)

Acceleration: 0-30 MPH - 2.6 Secs
0-40 MPH - 4.5 Secs
0-50 MPH - 6.3 Secs
0-60 MPH - 8.3 Secs
0-70 MPH - 11.5 Secs
0-80 MPH - 14.6 Secs
1/4 Mile time - 16.6 @ 84.7mph
Top Speed - Depends on conditions, around 196Km/h

Braking: 30-0 MPH - 36 Ft
60-0 MPH - 129 Ft

More Specs coming soon =)