This is a section dedicated to MODIFYING your Suzuki Swift GTI! The information here will hopefully help you in reguards to making your Swift/Metro/Sprint go faster!! If you would like to ADD information on here, I will post it up so that we can all learn from each other.


    I have to ask you to be patient with this page, I just started it and will update it as much as possible!

Cheaper Mods that you can do yourself!!!
Air Filter / Other Filters - K & N, Reactive, AEM, Fram, Etc.

  • You can get one of these Cone Air Filters at your local Speed Shops or a Local Canadian Tire or Pep Boys, There isn't really much difference when it comes to these. But Chances are if you are like me, you will have to have a custom Adapter made for the Air filter that will replace the old one. This only cost about $20 to have made, and install should be easy on your part. Mine was a tight fit, and I didn't have to take out my left headlight, which was a bonus.
  • >Another Small cheap filter to add is a Crankcase Vent Filter, there is a pic at the top beside the CONE, it will cost about $20 and looks nice.
  • More Performance filters available are FUEL FILTERS and OIL FILTERS

    Ignition / Plugs / Wires - Bosch, Accell, NGK, MSD, Etc.

  • Now when upgrading your Ignition you should do it all at once. 8mm Spark Plug wires are the Performace standard, you can get up to 8.8mm, for a little more $$$, but 8mm will be fine. The ones I have are 8mm NGK ThunderSport, they work great and are easy to install, just replace your old ones.
  • Plugs, this can be a little tricky, they're lots of different kinds to choose from now. I have the best plugs that I can find, they are BOSCH +4 Platinum. Now these bad boys are $10/plug. I just found out today that they also make a BOSCH +2 Platinum Plug which I am about to go buy tomorrow and try them out, I have had my old ones for about a year and a half and need to be replaced. The BOCSH +2's are a little more affordable, they are on sale too. :)
  • It's also recommended that you upgrade your COIL also along with all this, but it's not mandatory. I will soon have an MSD(best ones out there) Electronic Coil. Most GTI's have an Electronic Ignition, and MSD will replace the stock one perfectly. What the Coil will do is Produce a stonger spark to your spark plugs and your new 8mm wires will keep that spark strong, so you get the MOST HORSEPOWER out of your GTI.
    Other not so cheap mods

    High Performace Chip / Computer - Superchips, Chip Tourque

    Exhaust / Header - Genie, Reactive, Raven, Etc.

    Cam Gears - Veriner

    Group A CAM Shafts - not sure....but I can get them

    Emailed MODS!

    Here is a MOD that was emailed to me by ANDRE in Ottawa, Ontario. Thanks so much for the email.

  • Pick up a set of 1988 CRX Si front calipers. They bolt right up with a 0.10" hard spacer on my '89 GTi. The pad area is 30% bigger, and MOPAC had HAWK pads in stock. Kinda cool to not have to order high performance pads.
  • The washer acts as a spacer to center the caliper over the center of the rotor. The washer goes between the caliper mounting bracket and the steering knuckle assembly. The caliper mounting bolts (12mm bolt w/ 17mm heads) keep their spring washers on the outside of the caliper bracket, and you add the spacer (+/- 0.10" thick) between the bracket and the cast knuckle. Partially insert the mounting bolt, slide the washer in between caliper and knuckle, then slide the bolt through, thread it in, and tighten it up. Simple!
  • If you're converting to CRX calipers, you will probably need to replace the mounting bolts with longer bolts. As I remember, 12mm x 1.25 pitch. 27mm long bolts.