The Perfect Alternative to Awful Hen Parties

The people of Thailand sure know how to party. The women give tough competition to the guys when it comes to dancing on the floor. Organized fun in the form of parties for hen parties is something that is quite common in the Thailand party scene.

The wedding season brings a lot of girls to Thailand. The hen party Thailand are parties that are certainly not just for one night. These days, hen parties last for weeks. The plastic willies and boas of feathers are all going to come out. Some people choose to have hen parties at some of the most lavish places in the country.

hen party Thailand

Why some women hate hen parties?

Well, it isn’t just about hen party Thailand, the thing is, having to hang out with many others that you don't know at the expense of a month's expenditure is certainly a pain. The burlesque dancing in the morning and all the sexy dances in the world can get on your last nerves.

Even for those hens, the brides to be find the odd surprise hen party Thailand quite astonishing. The hen parties can really tax you. If you don't have enough money, you could be looking at years of debt.

Why are these parties so expensive?

Surveys reveal that hen party Thailand costs about $500 per night. At some of the high-end places, it can even cost you more than that. A survey recently done in the UK shocked everyone with the disclosure that hen's spend about 200 euros on these parties for a night. So, if you have friends getting married and expecting hen parties, you’re in deep trouble.

Organised fun can be boring at times. Planned parties can be a big bore even if they are in an exotic country like Thailand. The alcohol for days straight will definitely take a toll on you. Think about the weird parties with bridesmaids you don't even like. Some describe the experience of having a partyas downright awful. Endurance levels are tested when someone is forced to do something for fun.

All of us are guilty of being part of these stereotypical dos. Maid of honors especially, have to take up the task of planning out these parties. With a full-time job and managing this on top, it can get very stressful. The modern day woman can handle only this much.

Alternatives to such parties

Here is what you should:

- Keep things as simple as possible. Save the luxury for another day. Make it a point to have a decent party while you’re on a budget. It’s possible. You just need to know where and how you should do it.

- Go retro instead. Do something different. What’s the point of following the crowd? Set your own trend for a change. You could have a weekend in the country side instead of splurging thousands of dollars at a hen party Thailand. Try enjoying a party without naked men for once.

Keep the surprises to a minimum. Let’s face it, nobody gets easily surprised these days. Surprise someone only if you think you can. You might have to come up with a master plan but even if you don’t surprise someone, it’s important to know that no surprises are good too.

Hen party Thailand are affairs that can either go very well or can go so bad that they will be hard to forget for the rest of your life. It’s important for the planner to have all the bases covered so that they can have some real fun. You don’t want to throw a party that you can’t afford for. There are so many other things you could also do. Many people just don’t use their heads.

As a planner, make sure you plan out the finances beforehand. You don't want to be handed out a big bill. The Hen part in Thailand requires a lot of money and a lot of hard work and sweat. The effort you put in will show on the big day. The choice to have a hen party Thailand if at all, totally depends on your taste and comfort levels. The big feather boas can be sometimes too much for some women to handle. Know about the guests you’re dealing with. Having a good party means knowing how to keep your crowd entertained.

Author Bio

Shelly Danson is an American article writer and a part time wedding planner. She has spent the last 6 years, mastering the art of planning weddings and parties and knows what it takes to make your hen party Thailand a hit.

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