Telugu cinema based on psychological women story Ame

Telugu cinema based on psychological women story: Ame

Aame is a south indian thriller drama film that just sticks you to your seat till the movie completes as it increases your curiosity along with the chills it offers.This film came with a new concept that our south indian film industry would not even expect. It is a tamil film dubbed into telugu and impressed a lot of people and filmy lovers.This film increases the awareness of people when it comes to pranking strangers. This is a telugu cinema based on psychological woman story and one of the best suspense thriller movies out there to watch.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: VivekPrasanna

Actress: Amala Paul

Other actors: Ramya Subramanian

Director: Rathna Kumar:

Producer: VijiSubramaniyan

Music: Pradeep Kumar, Oorka


Production company:SK Studios

Editing: Shafique Mohammed Ali

Written By: Rathna Kumar

Other information:

Runtime: 141 minutes

Release date: 19 July 2019

Genre: Thriller, Drama


Kaamini, a free spirited woman who is strong enough to make a life of her own without relying on common beliefs indian have on women like getting married and becoming a housewife, she is quite the opposite of it and she is a man of her own self. She works as a tv anchor and enjoys pranking on her friends and also starts a program of pranking people on streets. As their office shifts to a new building in another area, as emotionally attached, she plans to have a private party along with her colleagues in the empty office before leaving for a new one the next day. As planned, they get high and sleep there itself. She wakes up naked and see’s no one around and she couldn’t even find a single piece of cloth she can wear. What she does to get out of such a psychologically stressed situation and who does that to her is the mystery you should watch in the film.


Technical Asset:

  • Excellent storyline to this movie! You can understand the spirit of the strong women.
  • Music directors have done crazy jobs in the process of grabbing people’s attention and music soothing to ears.
  • Screenplay of this movie is very detailed and clear! Inch of the scene doesn’t feel appropriate and not in sync.
  • Dialogues are very funny at time and emotional and at moments.


Artist Performance:

  • The soul of the movie is Amala Paul, she deserves all the love and claps as she nailed the movie with her spontaneous acting.
  • Vivek is perfect for his role, his action is a good asset to the movie. Completely impressed.
  • Ramya Subramanian is a very graceful and important role in the movie!

Reasons to watch Aame:

  • This movie shows that women are capable of doing anything. From crime, parks and sympathetic Partner
  • To know the bad of getting revenge for a bad park you have done.
  • To enjoy the fun and thriller of what happens in the movie.

Watch Aame movie online today to get chills  and it’s a suspense thriller movies to while away time.

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