Renting Property in Hong Kong – Useful Information in Relation to Some Laws

In the course of recent years, Hong Kong has seen a perpetually increase in the quantity of expatriates settling right now motivating city, for the most part because of the increasing search for progressively outside talent from both local and international companies. Upon arrival, one of the most important tasks to tackle for these individuals’ includes renting an apartment. The methodology in question and tenancy laws related can be totally different to different urban communities or nations. This article tries to illustrate some basic real estate strategies and all the more importantly tenancy laws included which I feel are important to know.

Real Estate Agent:

After the establishment of the ‘Estate Agents Authority’ in 1997, also commonly known as ‘EAA’, real estate agents require to be licensed so as to accomplish real estate agent hong kong. Most agents will furnish you with a name card as soon as you meet them and their license number ought to clearly be displayed on their name card. Licensed estate agents ought to also have under lock and key their official license card.

Renting Property

The Estate Agency Form:

Preceding survey properties, (some of the time after), agents require the client to sign a typical estate agency structure which records all the apartments to view or already saw property agency hong kong. On the off chance that you have marked this structure and for some personal reason you are not content with the agent is service and choose to rent an apartment on the rundown with a different agent from a different company, you may be required to pay the previous agent is company full commission as well as your new one. On the off chance that you do not pay, you may be liable to advance penalty. Solicitation to sign this structure is standard practice set by the ‘Estate Agents Authority, (EAA)’.

Important Things To Check Inside The Apartment:

By Hong Kong law, landlords are required to give appliances, apparatuses and fittings in safe and great working condition. Although a few agents will check this for you, it is best you check also as you are smarter to figure out what is safe or acceptable working for yourself.

During the review procedure, check for any obvious vermin issues. Having a bug issue during your stay which brings about nuisance to neighbors, as a fault to your own bad hygiene may cause you to be kicked out of the apartment by the landlord. This is because of the fact that such negligence is a breach of certain terms in Hong Kong’s tenancy law. Further to being kicked out of the property, you may discover the landlord deducting amounts from your security store so as to fix the issue. In any case if the fault cannot, the landlord ought to be the one to pay.

Check for any leakages. On the off chance that these are evident, get the landlord to fix the issue before you move in and by law the landlord should pay so as to satisfy the term of giving a safer environment to occupancy. A few leakages can be extremely problematic, especially in the event that they cause nuisance to the property directly beneath yours. On the off chance that you cause a major leakage and affect the neighbors, hope to pay for the damages. Anyway in cases where leakages may happen because of aftereffect of bad weather conditions, the landlord ought to be included to help out the expenses for repair.

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