Great Ideas to Give Away Business Cards

Business cards are used by almost business on the face of this planet, and they continue to be one of the best networking as well as marketing tools for small to large businesses.

You’ll find lots of information online on how to make your business card effective. However, there’s so much information out there that finding and following the right one to start with can get very difficult.

So, in this article, we’ll provide you with some of the best tips on how you can distribute your business cards effectively.

Drop Them in Public Places

If you’re living in a big city, there’s a hug potential for you to drop your business cards. Everyone gives their business card away, but you can also drop them in places like subway seats and others. This way, people will notice and take your business cards with them.

Metal Business Kards

For this purpose, you should get metal business card made by a brand like Metal Business Kards. This will compel your potential clients to pick up the well-designed and durable business card.

Get Your Business Card on Pens

Another great way of distributing your business card is getting them written on a pen. You should then take those pens to banks and other places where people need to borrow pens from someone else. You can give away your business pens for free, and people will love keeping them when they get the extra value of a penny from them.

Get Your Credit Card Customized

You can also get your credit card customized to show your business name whenever you check out. If you business name is creative enough, you’ll have lots of people asking you about your business. You’ll find potential customers whenever you pay for something in stores.

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