Influence of Vitamins and other Mineral in treatment of Red Eye

Pollutants in the air atmosphere and exposure of eyes to the brightest environment sometimes lead to the redness of the eyes. Also, excess usage of contact lenses and the use of digital display accessories may cause redness of the eyes.  People should give importance to this since it may be the symptom for other serious issues like glaucoma. Japanese are always giving importance to eyes and they maintain various remedies. Eye drops are one of them and it is famous in Japan. There are a variety of eye drops are available in Japan and can be distinguished based on the ingredients and the function.

Most eye drops contain more nutrients to treat the respective issues. Let us see some of them present in the Japanese eye drops for redeye treatment. Vitamin E is the most important one which encourages the circulation of blood and cures the redness of the eyes. Beyond this Sodium and Potassium are being in support to heal the issue called tiredness and redness. Some of the most wanted vitamins like vitamin A and B6 along with vitamin E improve the metabolism and provide relief from eye-related problems, especially redness. Eye drops used in the treatment of redness will also deliver the cooling effect to create a fresh feeling to the person. HEC called HydroxyEthylCellulose is one of the moisturizing components used in eye drops which supports the production of the cooling effect in line with the redeye treatment. Menthol is the other ingredient that produces the cooling effect. Most of the Japanese eye drops for red eye can be used daily based. Even though it is strongly advised that to discuss with doctors before applying.

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