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Get To Know More About California Golf Course

Golf is one of the sports rich in tradition and history. As a result, its many terms, rules, and regulations which will be tough to learn at very first. Did you ever think why golf is played on a golf course? And why it is known as a golf course? If you search about it, golf courses are perhaps the most integral part of the game of golf. Unlike a cricket ground, stadium, or badminton court, a California Golf Course is the most ‘un-standardized’ playing surface used to play golf. It makes golf a singular game that is meant for the true connoisseur. By definition, a golf course is a large area of land with nine or 18 holes, used for enjoying golf.

What is a golf course?

A golf course is a collection of holes. To be informative, a golf course contains 18 holes. Sometimes, such an 18 holes golf course is also referred to as a ‘full-sized’ golf course. The dimensions of a golf course are determined by the amount of distance you cover when you play all 18 holes. By convention, on a full-sized course (18 holes course), it is about 5000 to 7000 yards.

The term ‘par’ for a golf course analyzes the number of strokes a golf player is expected to perform to complete one play on a golf course. If you are a seasoned player, one full-sized golf course will need about 60-80 strokes as you navigate through all the holes available on the course. Therefore, the terms par-70, par-71, and par-72 are the foremost common for 18-hole golf courses. Now each golf course also contains some specific elements to the holes such as teeing areas, fairways, putting greens, plus rough, bunkers, and penalty areas. All of this is often typically occupied by over 100-300 acres of land.

Reasons to play golf

Playing golf has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Exercise: – It is probably the most important benefit of playing golf. In the game of golf, you spend a lot of time standing on your feet along with a lot of walking.

Friends: – You can find many similar people like you on the golf course and golf club. It is one of the easiest ways to make a friend in the land of the golf course.

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